Monday, December 1, 2008

Sign Michigan Green's "Say Yes to Green Schools" Petition Today!

Michigan Green, a Michigan based environmental group, has launched a new petition calling on Congress to pass legislation that will make renewable energy more accessible to our nation’s schools. The group released a statement explaining how schools that use renewable energy can save money on energy and operating costs, and provide valuable hands on learning experiences to students.

“We seek a national energy policy that is consistent with President-elect Obama’s plan for renewable energy and education in our nation’s schools,” Michigan Green spokesperson William Naubert said in the statement.

The group believes that the lack of a national policy on this issue has led to a situation where schools interested in renewable energy are forced to navigate through complex energy policies that vary from state to state. That means that the constraints and incentives facing interested schools vary based upon location.

I support Michigan Green’s efforts to create a coherent policy that will encourage the use of renewable energy in our nation’s schools. Our children deserve to be ready to compete for the next generation of high tech jobs when they graduate from high school.

Communities experiencing tough economic times benefit greatly when schools create new green jobs by investing in clean energy. There are numerous incentives and grants available today that can help school systems invest in energy efficient and renewable energy technologies at little or no cost to taxpayers. Energy efficient and renewable energy technologies can even help local governments save money on energy and maintenance costs over time.

This is a win-win situation. But in order to take advantage of these benefits, we need to make sure that every school in the nation has the opportunity to invest in renewable energy.

You can click here to sign the “Say Yes to Green Schools” petition

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