Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Green Jobs Report Tracks Plans to Create 4,563 New Green-Collar Manufacturing Jobs in November

Last month, The Green Jobs Report tracked plans by thirteen companies to create 4,563 new green-collar manufacturing jobs in the solar and wind power sectors of the renewable energy industry. Included in the tally were plans by seven solar sector manufacturers to create 3,285 jobs and plans by six wind sector manufacturers to create 1,278 jobs.

The Green Jobs Report surveys U.S. media coverage of the solar and wind power sectors of the renewable energy industry on a weekly basis. Information about manufacturers’ plans to create new green-collar jobs is then compiled and reported for public use.

Results for week of November 23 to November 29 were predictably low, likely due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The Green Jobs Report documented plans by one solar sector manufacturer and three wind power industry manufacturers to create a total of 326 new green-collar manufacturing jobs.

Details are provided below:

The Muskegon Chronicle/ reported on plans by Carlton Creek Ironwoods LLC to create 70 new jobs at a foundry in Rothbury, Michigan. The company plans to hire the new workers as part of a plan to produce high-grade ductile windmill iron required by windmill castings, according to a statement issued by the Michigan Economic Development Authority. The project will be supported by a 10-year $1.6 million state tax credit and an additional 12-year $180,159 local tax credit from the village of Rothbury.

The Journal Sentinel/ published a story about plans by Energy Composites Corp, previously Advanced Fiberglass Technologies, to create as many as 130 new jobs in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The company is expanding current operations to produce parts components for wind power systems, according to information issued by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. The company will receive up to $640 million in Community Development Block Grant loans to help with the expansion.

An article in the Traverse City Record-Eagle detailed MasTech Manufacturing’s plans to create 116 new jobs in Manistee, Michigan by 2011. The company has reached a five-year agreement to produce Mariah Power’s Windspire energy system, according a press release issued last week. Mariah Power described the $4,995 Windspire system as a “30-foot tall, propeller-free turbine that harnesses the power of the wind”. It was designed for residential use and small commercial applications. In addition, 98 percent of the components used to manufacture the Windspire will be supplied by Michigan based businesses.

New Mexico Business Weekly ran a story about plans by Sacred Power Corp., a company owned and operated by Native Americans, to create ten new jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company has joined forces with Cyberlux Corp. to produce solar powered lighting systems that will be purchased by the Department of Defense, and eventually marketed to other government agencies and the private sector.

The Green Jobs Report also documented plans by the following manufacturers to create new green-collar jobs in the solar and wind power industries earlier in the month of November.


Amelio Solar: Up to 175 new green jobs in Vineland, New Jersery

Konarka Technologies, Inc.: 100 new green jobs in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Opti-Solar: 1,000 new green jobs in Sacramento, California.

Schott: 1,500 new green jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Shoals Technology Group: 450 new green jobs in Portland, Tennessee.

Staubli: 50 new green jobs in Duncan, South Carolina.


Goain North America LLC – 12 new green jobs in Ankeny, Iowa

Brevini: 450 new green jobs in Yorktown, Indiana.

TPI Composites: 500 new green jobs in Newton, Iowa.

For more information about these plans is available visit The Green Jobs Report blog.

The Green Jobs Report has been tracking plans to create new green-collar manufacturing jobs in the solar and wind power sectors of the renewable energy industries since October 24, 2008. Plans by 24 companies to create a total of 11,013 new jobs have been documented so far.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Sign Michigan Green's "Say Yes to Green Schools" Petition Today!

Michigan Green, a Michigan based environmental group, has launched a new petition calling on Congress to pass legislation that will make renewable energy more accessible to our nation’s schools. The group released a statement explaining how schools that use renewable energy can save money on energy and operating costs, and provide valuable hands on learning experiences to students.

“We seek a national energy policy that is consistent with President-elect Obama’s plan for renewable energy and education in our nation’s schools,” Michigan Green spokesperson William Naubert said in the statement.

The group believes that the lack of a national policy on this issue has led to a situation where schools interested in renewable energy are forced to navigate through complex energy policies that vary from state to state. That means that the constraints and incentives facing interested schools vary based upon location.

I support Michigan Green’s efforts to create a coherent policy that will encourage the use of renewable energy in our nation’s schools. Our children deserve to be ready to compete for the next generation of high tech jobs when they graduate from high school.

Communities experiencing tough economic times benefit greatly when schools create new green jobs by investing in clean energy. There are numerous incentives and grants available today that can help school systems invest in energy efficient and renewable energy technologies at little or no cost to taxpayers. Energy efficient and renewable energy technologies can even help local governments save money on energy and maintenance costs over time.

This is a win-win situation. But in order to take advantage of these benefits, we need to make sure that every school in the nation has the opportunity to invest in renewable energy.

You can click here to sign the “Say Yes to Green Schools” petition

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Los Angelos Strives to Become a Global Leader in the Cleantech, Solar Power Market

Los Angeles, a city once famous for its troubles with smog and air pollution, turned a shade greener last week. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced two major new initiatives designed to help the city become a global leader in the clean tech industry, Solar LA and

A press release issued by the Mayor’s office dubbed Solar LA as “the largest solar project undertaken by any single city in the world”. The plan calls for the installation of 1.3 gigawatts of solar power by 2020, enough to meet 10 percent of the city’s total energy needs.

The Mayor hopes that the plan will jumpstart the local clean tech economy, create new green collar jobs, and help the city meet its goal of reducing greenhouse has emissions by 35 percent of 1990 levels by 2030. The city estimates that every 10,000 megawatts of solar energy produced by the plan will generate 200-400 new green jobs.

“It is time that we use our most abundant natural resource to create the electricity and the jobs we need for the future,” Mayor Villaraigosa was quoted as saying. “Today, we are turning up the heat and taking the next step towards becoming a shining example of green growth worldwide.”

Solar LA will use $313 million worth of funding from the State of California to install residential solar panels. A limited number of solar panels will be installed free of charge in selected low-income areas. The city will also offer low interest 10-year loans and rebate programs to help residents cover installation costs. These incentives should spur local demand for solar power solutions.

The new was also launched last week to help solidify the city’s status as an up and coming leader in the global renewable energy market.

“Our long-term future depends on our ability to capitalize on the growing opportunities of the new green economy, and this site will bring together our partners under one virtual roof,” the Mayor stated in a press release.

Mayor Villaraigosa is just one a growing number of leaders in the U.S. to embrace clean energy as a real solution to our nation’s woes. These leaders understand that we can jumpstart our nation’s economy, create the next generation of high paying jobs, and help stop global warming by investing in renewable energy now.


Office of the Mayor, City of Los Angeles, “Mayor Villaraigosa Unveils Largest Solar Power Plan in America”. Press Release, November 24, 2008

Office of the Mayor, City of Los Angeles, “Mayor Villaraigosa Launches Cleantech LA to Spur Development of Green Economy”. Press Release, November 24, 2008

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