Friday, January 9, 2009

States Seek To Create New Green Jobs As U.S. Unemployment Hits 11.1 Million

The number of unemployed individuals in the United States rose by 632,000 to hit 11.1 million in December, according to the Department of Labor. The U.S. economy shed 1.9 million jobs in the last four months of 2008 alone. But rather than dwell on this dire economic data a number of states are taking a proactive approach to stimulating economic growth by creating new green jobs.

New Hampshire

In his third inauguration speech New Hampshire’s Governor John Lynch proposed to use money from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Renewable Energy Fund to create new green jobs. Lynch’s plan calls for the state to invest in projects designed to weatherize homes, improve the efficiency of public buildings, and train workers to compete in the new energy workforce. The state would also offer low-interest loans to help businesses invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“This Green Jobs Initiative will help create jobs for our people now, and make New Hampshire’s economy stronger for the future. Let’s help New Hampshire workers and businesses keep their competitive edge, and let’s keep good paying jobs right here in New Hampshire,” Lynch said.

Link to press release by Governor Lynch's office

New York

New York Governor David Paterson’s new “45 by 15” proposal calls for the state for 45 percent of the state’s electricity needs to be met through “…improved energy efficiency and the use of clean renewable energy by 2015.” Achieving this goal will help create 50,000 new green jobs for New York, according to Paterson.

“We in New York are leading the fight against global warming, because we understand that reviving our economy and protecting our planet go hand in hand, so long as we have the vision and courage to act on our convictions,” Paterson said.

Link to the full press release from Governor Paterson's office

Link to Governor Paterson's Energy Fact Sheet


Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher announced $3.5 million in new grants designed to help consumers afford residential solar hot water systems and wind technologies.

"Ohio strives to become a leader in the advanced energy industries," said Lt. Governor Lee Fisher. "These programs are designed to stimulate the market for the small wind and solar thermal industries, complementing our manufacturing efforts and helping Ohio compete in attracting the highly-skilled jobs of the new energy economy."

Link to the full press release

New Hampshire, New York, and Ohio join a growing number of states who realize that they can spur economic growth, create new green jobs, and help protect the environment by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency.


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