Monday, December 15, 2008

Governor Kaine Launches Initiative to Create New Green Jobs for Virginia

Last week, Governor Timothy Kaine announced the launch of a new initiative, “Renew Virginia” designed to create new green jobs for Virginia. A press release described the Governor’s plan to stimulate economic growth through programs that will attract renewable energy companies, protect the environment, and make Virginia a leader in energy efficiency and conservation.

"In today's economy, we can turn our energy challenges into an opportunity," Governor Kaine said. "Our goal is to position the Commonwealth as a leader in alternative energy generation, energy conservation, and research and development. By developing a green energy industry here, we will not only move towards a more environmentally responsible approach to addressing our growing energy needs, but we will also help stimulate Virginia's economy."

Governor Kaine realizes that the best way to create new jobs is to invest in the technologies that will drive our nation’s economy in the future. He joins a growing chorus of leaders who understand that the goals of environmental protection and economic growth can be achieved together.


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