Monday, December 15, 2008

Hemlock Semiconductor Group Plans to Create Up to 2,900 New Green Jobs In Michigan and Tennessee

The Hemlock Semiconductor group announced plans today to create as many as 2,900 new green jobs in Michigan and Tennessee. The group will invest up to $3 billion to ramp up production of polycrystalline silicon, a key material used in the manufacturing of solar cells.

Plans to build a new facility in Clarksville, Tennessee are expected to create 1000 new construction jobs, and up to 800 permanent jobs once construction is completed.

Operations in Hemlock, Michigan will also be expanded, creating 800 new construction jobs and as many as 300 new permanent jobs.

“Making this investment in today’s volatile economic climate is a testament to both the long-term outlook of the solar industry, as well as Hemlock Semiconductor’s ability to add capacity to meet the needs of customers,” said Rick Doornbos, President and CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation.


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